4th drupa Global Trends report, March 2017

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4th drupa Global Trends report, March 2017

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The Economics of Print – The new world order

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Publishing date: March, 2017.

General confidence amongst printers and suppliers for 2017 but mixed fortunes for markets and regions alike / Strong plans for capital investment with Finishing the No.1 priority and Sheetfed offset leading press investment plans


1. Executive Summary
2. drupa Economic Summary 2016-17
3. 4th drupa Global Trends Report – The full report
4. Printer and supplier economic assessments
5. Financial performance measures
6. Financial market conditions
7. Printer operational measures demonstrate strategic changes
8. Capital Expenditure
9. Strategic challenges for printers and suppliers
10. Market specific trends for printers
11. In conclusion
12. Appendix
13. Glossary

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